A well-known publisher wanted to have a popular 250-page cookbook (of about 50,000 words) translated into 14 languages, including Western European, Eastern European and Scandinavian languages

Home Office upped the ante even more for a large Western European telecom player. During an important transitional period, our customer needed a translation agency that was available 24/7 for urgent translations and that was always on standby for new assignments.

A global player in the pharmaceutical industry implemented some new software in its Western and Eastern European branches. The software needed to be localised (i.e., the software interface had to be translated) for about a dozen countries due to the users’ limited command of English to enable them to use this solution.

A large healthcare NGO tasked Home Office with the urgent translation of a 750-page report on the incidence of tropical diseases on the African continent, with an inventory for every African country.

The Belgian subsidiary of a multinational with a registered office in the United States was searching for a new partner for the translation of their annual report in accordance with the IFRS standards.

On the occasion of the annual meeting of its members and the gala dinner organised for them, a European institution needed English, French and Russian interpreters for two days.

A major player in the clothing industry asked Home Office to translate its Global Code of Conduct, which is a vital document on the global level, in almost 30 languages.