Case: European Institution

The challenge?

On the occasion of the annual meeting of its members and the gala dinner organised for them, a European institution needed English, French and Russian interpreters for two days. The interpreters were asked to provide simultaneous interpretations for the 120 guests that attended the presentations and Q&A sessions, where everyone could ask questions, as well as during the informal contacts between members at the gala dinner.

How did Home Office solve this?

Home Office selected six specialised interpreters, who had experience working at this type of event. We established a clear briefing and script, together with the customer, and passed this on to the interpreters. As a result, the interpreters were properly prepared for the job, the possible content of the discussions and any sensitivities that had to be taken into account. Something which is vital to guarantee seamless and qualitative interpreting services.

During the event, Home Office continuously assured the coordination and follow-up of the interpreters’ planning schedules, along with the customer. We made sure that the customer could book additional time at affordable rates, something which was very important given that the assignment of our interpreters changed during the event.

The outcome?

Home Office was able to guarantee a seamless and impeccable interpreting service during the event and gala dinner of this European institution by only working with experienced and specialised interpreters. The satisfied customer has since contacted Home Office on several occasions for new interpreting assignments.