Doing international business? The right interpreter for every situation.

Anyone doing business in today’s global market knows it can be useful to have a native speaker by your side for negotiations, contract discussions or at major events.

At Home Office, we have a large group of interpreters in all the world languages as well as in less obvious languages. They have a perfect command of their languages but also feel equally at home in various industries and environments. Our interpreters combine these two skills, making them the perfect companion for your international or multilingual meetings and conferences. Moreover, they adapt to any situation, both formal and informal, allowing you to focus on what really matters, while leaving the nuances and the language of cultural sensitivities to our interpreters. By choosing Home Office you can be certain that you will be assisted by an experienced interpreter who is specialised in the subject and industry for which you need them. 

Interpreting at Home Office, how do we proceed?

Home Office always starts from a detailed briefing of the customer to determine what type of interpreter you need. There are various types of interpreting work, each with their own specifications and expertise:

  • Simultaneous interpretation
    An interpreter uses a special sound installation to simultaneously translate speeches, presentations or Q&A panels. The attendees wear headphones to hear the interpreter and the message is translated in real time. This is especially useful when a large part of the audience does not understand the speaker without an interpreter.
  • Consecutive interpretation
    The interpreter takes notes of what the speaker or host is saying and then translates it after an interval. In other words, the speaker or host gives the interpreter the opportunity to translate what they are saying after part of the presentation or speech.
  • Liaison interpretation
    The interpreter sits in between the participants and continuously translates what is said by the speakers or hosts. This method is less suited for events, but works perfectly well for business dinners or commercial discussions.

Why choose Home Office for your interpreting assignments?

Home Office only works with professional native speakers for all your interpreting assignments. Thanks to their years of experience in various languages and industries, they know exactly what you need. Home Office makes sure you won’t miss a word of what is said at international dinners, events or during contract discussions. Moreover, you can always count on an experienced administrative team, which is always at your service, to help you with any questions you may have or in unforeseen circumstances. Home Office offers top-class service for every interpreting assignment, guaranteeing optimum quality, results and customer satisfaction.

Experience in every language and industry

At Home Office, you can count on the best interpreters in every language, with experience in a wide range of industries. Naturally we have interpreters in all the common world languages and large industries. That said, Home office also has partners in less obvious languages and disciplines. Thanks to our tried and tested international network of hundreds of translators and international partners, we are to guarantee that your interpreting assignments are in safe and experienced hands. That is why we have been the trusted service provider of various multinationals and SMEs for over twenty years. Curious to hear what our customers have to say about the quality of our interpreting services? We have included a few case studies below. 

Interested in working with Home Office?

Curious about whether we can deliver on our promises? Or are you simply interested to see what Home Office can do for you? Contact us now for a custom quote!

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