Internal quality control

Our company’s philosophy is based on the customer-oriented mindset and the desire to supply quality of our in-house team and freelancers. Home Office uses a tried and tested internal quality control system to ensure that your translations are always delivered on time and meet your and our quality requirements. Combined with an experienced and highly motivated team, this control system guarantees translations of extremely high quality.

Permanent evaluation of our translators

Our many years of experience in the translation industry have allowed us to develop an extensive international network of hundreds of high-quality translators. Our proactive approach starts with a screening of potential translators, asking them to do a sample translation before they effectively start to work for Home Office. This is the first stage of our elimination process, based on quality. Once we have a pool of translators whose work we consider sufficiently qualitative, all subsequent translations are evaluated by our proofreaders, in line with our permanent quality control system. We calculate an average score based on these evaluations. These objective figures allow Home Office to only select translators whose translations meet a continuous high level of quality. 


If necessary, our proofreaders give direct feedback to the translator. Should they have additional questions, which require our customer’s expertise and knowledge, they might proactively contact you with their questions. We also keep all relevant information for every assignment so that we can always rely on the already shared expertise for future assignments.