How does Home Office process a project?

Home Office uses a well-thought-out approach during the translation process to guarantee continuous and absolute quality. This approach is summarised in the flow chart below and consists of the following steps:

  1. Request for translation
  2. Analyse the source text in terms of volume, subject matter, deadline…
  3. Analyse whether the assignment is feasible
  4. Discuss possible solutions with the customer
  5. Is a quote needed?
  6. For large assignments:
    1. Is the preferred translator available?
    2. Request quote from translator
  7. Send quote to customer
  8. Has the quote been accepted?
  9. Process accepted quote
  10. Create assignment in administrative system
  11. Select a translator based on the elements in item 2, along with selected language, availability, and objective quality score
  12. Follow-up of assignment with the translator
  13. Receive first version of translation
  14. Proofreading by an independent translator
  15. Receive second version of the translation, after proofreading
  16. Record translator’s quality score
  17. Send final translation to the customer
  18. End project

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