Want to be one hundred percent sure about a text you wrote yourself? Then have Home Office proofread it for you!

Proofreading means having a third party or an external reader check texts you or someone else wrote for spelling or grammatical errors and style before the final text is delivered. The objective is to completely exclude potential errors by the author and further optimise and even improve the text where possible.

Proofreading usually happens when the text is almost final, enabling the proofreader to revise the final text and content as much as possible. The proofreader usually did not work on the project in any way to avoid being influenced and to ensure a fresh look. This is the only way that the proofreader can check the text with extreme attention to detail to correct any remaining errors or adapt nuances. The author in a sense is like a journalist, submitting the best possible text, in terms of context and grammar. The proofreader acts like an editor, double-checking the text to see whether everything is correct and whether the text is optimised on both a grammatical and linguistic level. A perfect cooperation between these two people, with a clear briefing from the outset, is vital to achieve a successful partnership.

Proofreading at Home Office, how do we proceed?

Home Office always starts from a detailed briefing of the customer. Based on this briefing, we can determine which proofreader is best suited to the project and which elements must be taken into account: does the proofreader only need to check the grammar, the spelling or also the content? Our proofreaders are not teachers. Our objective is not to point out any errors or forgotten details. Our task is to take a good text and ensure that it is perfect, down to the smallest detail, and where there is margin for improvement, adapt it. After having worked several hours or even days on crafting a text, the author can no longer be certain that the style and language is consistent from start to end. After our proofreaders have checked your text, you can be certain that it is ready for publication or distribution.

Why choose Home Office for your proofreading assignments?

Home Office only works with professional native speakers who are experienced text editors for all its proofreading assignments. They fully understand your needs due to their many years of experience in various languages and industries. Home Office always makes sure to only entrust your texts to language virtuosos who add a finishing text to your largely finished text so it is absolutely perfect.

Experience in every language and every industry

At Home Office, you can rely on top-class proofreaders in every language with a lot of experience in various industries. We obviously have proofreaders in all the world languages and major industries but you can also be sure of an excellent result in less obvious languages and disciplines. Thanks to our extensive and tried and tested international network of proofreaders and international partners, your proofreading assignments are in safe and experienced hands with us. That is why we have been the trusted service provider of various multinationals and SMEs for many years.

Interested in working with Home Office?

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