Our only standard is quality

The quality of your communication can make or break your image, in any language. Thanks to its many years of experience, Home Office knows how to tackle all these sensitivities. Our quality standards and expertise will help you achieve your objectives, for every project, among others because:

  • we have more than 20 years of experience in B2B communication
  • we work with a large group of professional translators, interpreters and copywriters, who are specialised in your area of expertise
  • we only work with native speakers

A guaranteed uniform style and terminology

Home Office ensures that the various texts of your project are translated by one and the same translator as much as possible. It is our way of guaranteeing a consistent translation and style. If necessary and opportune, we establish terminology lists using professional translation software before starting on the project. Your texts will always be consistent, regardless of the scope of your project.

The added value of proofreading

Any translation by a Home Office translators is always checked twice. A final proofread is vital for assuring the quality we aim to provide. Before delivery, a second translator, the proofreader, checks each translation carefully, for several elements:

  • content
  • grammar and spelling
  • syntax and style
  • specific terminology

In all industries

Home Office is centrally located in Europe, in Belgium, where countless multinationals, public services and SMEs have their registered office. As a result, our experience in various industries, including banking, transport, insurance, consulting, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, is a vital part of our service. This allows our customers to work with an experienced and professional translation agency, which is knowledgeable about their specific industry, allowing this partner to provide optimum support for their image and communication, in Belgium as well as on the international level.

A reliable partner

Home Office prefers partnerships over one-off contacts. Our ambition is to become your preferred partner for translations, interpretation, proofreading and copywriting. A reliable partner on whom you can always count, regardless of the volume of your project. Our aim is to develop a long-term relationship with your company or organisation by listening carefully to your requests and needs in combination with our attention to quality and our customer-oriented mindset. This is our way of guaranteeing quality and continuity.