Multilingual communication hinges on qualitative translations

Companies usually don’t give much thought to a translation. In fact, it is often an afterthought. And yet translations are a crucial element in multilingual communication, which is why they should not be underestimated. The quality of the translation of a good source text, however, also depends on the skill and the knowledge of the translator doing the translation. That is why Home Office only works with the best translators (always native speakers), who have a proven track record.

Why work with Home Office for your translations?

Home Office only works with professional native speakers for all your translations. Whether you have a small editing assignment or a large number of corporate or confidential texts that need translating, our translators are keen to ensure they meet the most rigorous standards. Instead of translating your texts word for word, they reword your text, providing a fluent translation. Thanks to an experienced administrative team, which is always at your service, you always know how far along your project is and in what stage of the translation process. Home Office offers top-class service and project follow-up, for every project, however small or large, guaranteeing optimum quality, results and customer satisfaction. Interested in finding out more about how we work? We will gladly explain our approach to you in further detail! 

Experience in every language

At Home Office, you can be certain that we always have a top-class translator (always a native speaker) for your assignment. While we cover all the major world languages, you can always contact Home Office for less obvious languages. We specialise in Eastern European languages, Japanese and Chinese among others. Languages that are becoming increasingly important for European companies because of the changing global economy. Thanks to our large international network of hundreds of translators and international partners and a tried and tested control system, whereby each translation is checked and scored by a second translator, we can guarantee that any translation assignment you send us, even in the most difficult language combination, is always in good hands.

Our slogan: get it right the first time! In every industry.

But there is more. Besides their extensive and excellent language skills, Home Office translators also have an in-depth knowledge of many specific industries and their technical terms. Together with you, they can draw up an extensive and clear terminology list, that is tailored to your business and industry. Moreover, our translators use professional translation software, such as SDL Trados Studio and Déjà-Vu, which will only benefit the consistency of your translations even more. What makes Home Office so unique is that we deliver qualitative translations of your specialised texts, with great attention to detail. That is why we have been the trusted service provider of various multinationals and SMEs for over twenty years.

Now that we have shared our views on translations, are you curious to find out what Home Office’s customers have to say about the quality of our translations? We have included several case studies below.

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