Case: Telecom

The challenge?

Home Office upped the ante even more for a large Western European telecom player. During an important transitional period, our customer needed a translation agency that was available 24/7 for urgent translations and that was always on standby for new assignments. In many cases, they sent us important press releases and news items that contained sensitive information, which meant all the requirements of a good translation had to be fulfilled: accuracy, correctness and, of course, quality!

How did Home Office solve this?

A translation agency can only be on standby continuously and deliver qualitative translations if the translators, the internal project managers and the customer toe the same line. That is why we started by drawing up a clear action plan, agreeing on a procedure to be followed and establishing which employees should be contacted in which order for each language and topic. It was our way of ensuring that there was always someone on hand to meet the customer’s exact needs, regardless of the time, the day or the difficulty of the translation. Including on weekends and public holidays. Home Office was thus able to guarantee that someone would answer any incoming demands within the hour to the telecom company.

The outcome?

The clearly defined agreements between our customer and Home Office ensured that the project went smoothly, with impeccable service and quality translations. Our unique service and collaboration only cemented the business relations between Home Office and the telecom company even more, resulting in an ongoing partnership.