The world is your oyster. But only if you have good copy.

In today’s world, where companies are increasingly exploring international opportunities, you no longer can survive without communication tools in several languages. But even Belgian companies without plans for international expansion know that multilingual documents or promotional material in Dutch, French or English are a minimum requirement. Translating these documents, brochures or price lists is far from easy. It can also be a very time-consuming job when inexperienced translators are asked to do this. Moreover, they often lack a solid knowledge of the linguistic and cultural sensitivities in other countries. At Home Office, the translators concentrate on how to formulate your message, as well as on the local culture. This is our way of guaranteeing that your message sounds genuine and strong, in every country and in every culture.

Why choose Home Office for your website localisation?

Localisation is the translation and adaptation of a text in line with the linguistic, geographic and cultural characteristics of a specific target audience. A simple translation, done in an afternoon, is no longer sufficient for this type of communication. On the contrary even: a qualitative, cost-efficient, rapid and (in the case of texts for digital use) search engine optimised translation is the Olympic minimum in this case. Home Office will gladly take this job off your hands, to ensure that your communication department does not have to work overtime. The added value of a localisation partner is not limited to the translation. Home Office considers all the sensitivities of your localisation assignment, meaning we also review and adapt the following:

  • Use of the right currency where necessary
  • Adapting company types depending on the country
  • Use of capitals, professional titles, weights and measures as well as geographical indications
  • Optional optimisation for the required keywords for SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Adapting marketing campaigns to the local market
  • Translation of user interfaces for software programmes

Home Office has years of experience translating and localising texts and other communication for various companies and organisations. Whether you have a short website text or a catalogue with thousands of products that need to be translated, Home Office can provide qualitative localisation in any language. With the necessary guarantees!

Home Office can also provide on-site localisation services if necessary. We can work with your team for website localisation or the localisation of the entire user interface of your software.

Our slogan: get it right the first time!

Our translators use professional translation software, such as SDL Trados Studio and Déjà-Vu and receive administrative support from an experienced team. At Home Office, we are thus able to complete your localisation assignments without problems. That is why we have been the trusted service provider of various multinationals and SMEs for over twenty years.