Case: Pharmaceutical Case study

The challenge?

A global player in the pharmaceutical industry implemented some new software in its Western and Eastern European branches. The software needed to be localised (i.e., the software interface had to be translated) for about a dozen countries due to the users’ limited command of English to enable them to use this solution. At the same time, the customer wanted a solution based on translators working on site in the various branches, with central (project) management of the entire project. The project’s action radius extended from Saint Petersburg to Paris, Rome and Madrid.

How did Home Office solve this?

We started by searching for experienced, qualitative and specialised translators who could complete the assignment on site. The localisation of software or websites is often a precise and sometimes rather tedious job. As a result, the group of available translators dwindled rapidly. After scouring our own database and those of our partners, we easily found the required translators for all the sites. In terms of timing, this assignment posed no problems as we received the initial request on time and the deadline was strict but realistic. 

The outcome?

Thanks to the extremely efficient communication between the employees in the customer’s various branches, the customer’s head office and Home Office, the localisation project was finalised without a hitch. Where necessary, calendars were adapted to ensure the deadline could be maintained. The local and on-site employees played a vital, supporting and advisory role (for terminology especially). The outcome was a timely kick-off of the new project for an extremely satisfied customer.