Case: Multinational

The challenge?

The Belgian subsidiary of a multinational with a registered office in the United States was searching for a new partner for the translation of their annual report in accordance with the IFRS standards. After repeated concertation with various departments, the company decided that their current partner did not fulfil expectations and that they needed to find an alternative, professional and qualitative solution as soon as possible.

How did Home Office solve this?

The IFRS standards is a single set of accounting standards used to describe a company’s financial performance. Qualitative translators who are also familiar with the IFRS standards are very difficult to find and almost all of them are fully booked during “annual report season”. Thanks to its many years of experience with this type of project, Home Office can rely on a network of top-class IFRS translators. The first step consisted of convincing the customer of the quality and the IFRS knowledge of the translator we selected. We then agreed a deadline which was completely acceptable for the customer (“as soon as possible”) and Home Office (“in line with the translator’s availability and without detriment to quality”). 

The outcome?

Thanks to clear agreements with the customer and good contacts between the translator and Home Office, we were able to deliver the annual report within the deadline to the customer’s satisfaction. An important requirement for existing customers but a great way of starting off on the right foot with a new customer. Thanks to this successful first project, Home Office has been the preferred supplier and translation agency of this American multinational for over six years.