Home Office understands your needs!

Nowadays the construction industry is cross-border. This evolution has sparked a demand for accurate, rigorously translated agreements. Large building projects are often a melting pot of activities and services. The contractor, architect, surveyor, safety coordinator and legal adviser must always understand one another even if they don’t speak the same language. Something which happens increasingly often, especially with prestigious projects and large international projects. That is why an accurate translation of the sensitivities of the project, which the construction companies have discussed with each other and of the specific terminology of the construction industry can be so crucial. 

Often the documentation relates to civil engineering. It is vital that you can exclude any form of miscommunication from the start of your project by ensuring that all your documentation is consistently and correctly worded in the required language. The right translation and interpreting agency will provide undisputed added value in this situation.

Experience in every language

At Home Office, you can count on top-class translators (always a native speaker) in every language. Not just for common world languages but also for less obvious languages. We have a lot of experience with Arabic and Eastern European languages such as Polish and Bulgarian.

Thanks to our large international network of hundreds of translators and international partners and a tried and tested control system, whereby each translation is checked and scored by a second translator, we can guarantee that any translation you send us, in the most difficult language combination, is always in good hands.

Get it right the first time! Also in the construction industry.

But there is more. Besides their extensive and excellent language skills, the Home Office translators also have an in-depth knowledge of many specific industries including the construction industry. Together with you, they can draw up an extensive and clear terminology list, that is tailored to your business and industry. What makes Home Office so unique is that we deliver qualitative translations of your specialised texts, with great attention to detail.